Terms and Conditions of Entry



1. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse entry.

2. All persons participate at their own risk. ‘Blackdown Shoot’ nor will the Landowner be held responsible for any       accident or injury incurred by any person or persons, or for any loss or damage to property.

3. The consumption of alcohol prior to or during shooting is strictly prohibited.

4. Any person who is considered by the Shoot management to be acting in a dangerous or irresponsible manner       will be escorted from the Shooting Ground immediately without recompense.

5. Any person who does not hold a Shotgun Certificate who wishes to participate must be accompanied by a               competent adult who holds a current Shotgun Certificate who will be responsible for their actions.

6. All participants under 18 years old must wear hearing protection and be accompanied/supervised by a                   competent adult who is currently a Shotgun Certificate holder.

7. All vehicles to be parked as directed at owner’s risk.

8. Entrance fee must be paid and an official score card collected prior to commencing shooting.

9. All shoots commence at 10am. Last entries 12.30pm.

10. All weapons (shotguns) are to be carried empty (unloaded) either in a gun slip or broken (open).                        Semi-automatic/Pump action weapons are to have their chambers or magazines empty with either bolt to the          rear of the action (open) or a safety flag inserted.

11. Weapons (shotguns) are only to be loaded once the participant is in the shooting stand and ready to engage        (shoot at) the clay targets.

12. Only clay targets to be shot at. No game or vermin are to be shot at.

13. Unconventional shooting i.e “from the hip” is not permitted.

14. Fibre wad cartridges are only to be used. The use of any other type of cartridge (including steel shot) may            result in the offending person being requested to leave the Shooting Ground without recompense.

15. Participants are not to approach, load or interfere with the clay traps.


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